Raging Nerdgasm’s holiday giveaway

Raging Nerdgasm's holiday giveaway

Ok, here’s the skinny, we are giving away the Jazwares Mortal Kombat Shao Kahn figure just in time for Christmas. How can you win him? If you “LIKE” Raging Nerdgasm’s page, you’ve got one entry. If you get a refer a friend to the page and they click the “LIKE” button and they write your name on our wall, they got one entry and you gain a second entry. If you share this picture and tag Raging Nerdgasm in the comment (that means “@” then type “Raging Nerdgasm” and pick the page icon/ not the group icon) you get another entry. Contest runs for 1 week, ends midnight of the 18th EST (b/c some of us have to work) winner will be announced in some grand fashion and figure will be mailed free of charge and will hopefully get to you before Christmas (not guaranteed. I may be fat but I’m not holly, jolly and magical). GET IT? NOW GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!