RNG on Reddit as Action Figure Collectors Group

RNG Has a New REDDIT Page.

Hey Everybody, Join us on our NEW Action Figure Collectors SubReddit Page. We welcome all toy enthusiast, collectors, reviewers, custom designers, and fun nerdy/geeky people like ourselves.


**1)**Prefer toy related topics but fun nerdy stuff is welcomed as well such as movies, video games, cosplay, est. If is fun and nerdy is welcome here.

**2)** We welcome post about toy news, toy reviews (by others or yourself), independent toys, mainstream toys, overseas toys, art toys… toys toys toys toys toys….

**3)** We don’t’ welcome “Nasty Trolls”. Everybody is welcome to their opinion but please don’t be a “tool” if you don’t like something.

**4)** No extreme ponography. A nipple here and there not to shabby but full blown porno it’s a nono. We got people of all ages here so behave.

Other than that have fun. 😀