About RNG and Crew

About Raging Nerdgasm (RNG)

Like so many of you I grew up in a time full of great icons, stories, productions, and entertainment media. My mission is to review pop culture elements across a broad spectrum of video games, comic books, movies and toys. On this site I will provide reviews for both new items on the market as well as classic / nostalgic items while keeping it relevant to fans. Extras will included supplemental elements such as interviews with celebrities, fans, collectors and artist who worked on the products I review. This information is important to me, so you know I will bring you great quality news.

About Tom Khayos

Tom Khayos is a toy historian and reviewer of pop culture elements. This WordPress account is for documenting his broad collection that spans toys of the early 1970’s to modern toys that can be found on store shelves. He uses Youtube, Blogger and other social media to cover the many facets of pop culture.

RNG Tom khayos with A Blue Moon Orange Milk Shake

About Ana Bruja-Khayos

Ana is Tom’s right hand woman and his wife.  While she might not be in the spotlight often, she does contribute greatly to the RNG group behinds the scenes.   Her expertise comes from a background in art, animation, illustration and graphics. Since she’s been with Tom she has also learn a thing of two about toys, but she’s mainly there to support his hobby.

She also writes a blog from a collectors wife’s point on view called Living with a Toy Collector.

Check it out: livingwithatoycollector

My wife and her Escaflowne