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Living With A Toy Collector #10 Life Cycle of a Toy

Hey guys. Ana Khayos here. With a short video where I talk about the “Life Cycle of a Toy”.   I’ve been married together with my husband Tom Khayos for a few years now and I’ve have learned a lot during that time.  I hope you like it.  Don’t be shy and leave comments below.

Life Cycle of Toy


Living With A Toy Collector #8 Not worth going to the Movies any more.


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Living With A Toy Collector #8 Why Matty Collector Is Bad For Collectors Pocket Books

Post from Ana Bruja Khayos

NOTE: I think at one point I was suppose to type out 50 instead of 40 so add and extra $20 . So instead of $680 is $700.

Meant to say and Extra $2.00 if you are not a member.

Hey Guys is Ana Bruja Khayos from Living with a Toy Collector. This time around I wanted to talk about the very popular Matty Collectors Toy Group. When Tom and I used to be dating he was part of the collectors group.


Living With A Toy Collector # 7 Why Are Toys So Expensive

This post if from my wives Living Wit a Toy Collector You Tube Channel. Enjoy”

Ana Bruja-Khayos

Hey guys. So part of my daily life is spent me looking through toy isle with my husband searching for his next toy treasure. With the change in the economy we are seeing that the price of these items are just simply sky rocketing. So this will give you guys and idea why. Hope you like it.

** Note I also neglect to mentioned the cost of transpiration from port to store, and profit the store needs to make from the product. That also adds up.

My Husband video

Raging Nerdgasm #160 Brand Vs. Generics / G.I. Joe Vs Corps Figures