Arkham Anarchy or how Jared Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker “Broke the Internet”

As predicted, on or before the Joker’s 75th anniversary, Zack Snyder previewed the first officially sanctioned image of Jared Leto as the Joker from the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Naturally, since it wasn’t the purple-suited, pale skinned psychopath we’re all so used to….the internet collectively freaked out. Nerds everywhere were up in arms, comic book store owners claimed it was the “end of days”. somewhere in Columbus, OH a man made toast in a toaster; it was very much like any other day when a teaser image gets leaked to the internet. But why? Why freak out about a movie that hasn’t even been filmed yet?

Who knows to be honest. But, I’m easy to get on board with a new design. This isn’t your daddy’s Joker, a Caesar Romero with an unshaven mustache in heavy white make up parading around in a magenta suit. This isn’t your childhood Joker, whether that is the older and energetic sociopath Jack Nicholson or the slick animated Crown Prince of Crime voiced by the irreplaceable Mark Hamill. This isn’t even the disheveled criminal mastermind that the late Heath Ledger brought to life before his untimely demise. This is a different Joker for a new world. A meaner, unhinged, physically fit criminal who looks like he’s spent a decent amount of time behind bars from the looks of the tattoos and the lean muscle structure.

At first, admittedly, I was apprehensive. A tattooed Joker? With a mouth full of dirty, metal capped teeth? Is he a Juggalo? Is he an other worldly mixture of Eminem, Marilyn Manson, and Paul Wall? What would that album sound like? Maybe the tattoos are just for an upcoming photo shoot and won’t be worked into the movie? What’s up with the one rubber glove? Is someone getting their prostate checked? I was filled with questions, but this is how I learned to give in and end up loving the design.

I don’t want to see a Joker I already know. Unless it’s Jack Nicholson reprising his role as an older Joker I don’t need to see Jack Napier or Joe Chill or the unnamed Red Hood become the dapper criminal clown. Just like every damn reiteration of Spiderman, Superman, and Batman doesn’t need to tell me his origin again. I’m not five and even a five year old knows how these heroes became the costumed vigilantes they love. You are wasting valuable time in an action movie showing me everyone’s parents tragic deaths. Move on! I want to see something I don’t know. That’s what made Heath Ledger’s Joker an enigma, you didn’t get a back story. He showed up, fucked shit up, and left a trail of death and destruction in only the way a real psychotic could. He had a different “back story” every time he was going to stab someone with the “How’d I get these scars” explanation, but that was mostly to mess with his intended victims. To draw the attention off the blade and for him to get the full enjoyment of seeing someone’s eyes as he drove the knife in for the kill.

That and he burned Mr Lao alive. Pretty much everyone forgot about that.

People freaked out about pretty much every casting decision in a super hero movie since there was such a thing as sneak preview images. All the way back to Starlog magazines (there, I did it, I dated myself) people have been getting the “butt hurt feels” when teaser images got released. I used to think it was worse than before till someone who owned a comic book store explained that it’s really no different, social media has given everyone a soapbox to stand on and issue an ALL CAPS RAGE. I already have a predisposition to like things people don’t like, something about being a fan in a smaller group than 1 fan in 1 million. I like this design, I think Jared Leto will do the cinematic universe proper justice with a spot-on Joker that more accurately represents the world we live in now. This is a Joker who is going to be taking on the Suicide Squad or joining them in arms…..or both because the Joker plays by his own rules. Everyone in the movie is supposed to be imprisoned and offered clemency for their crimes in exchange for participation.

The design:

Massive amount of tattoos: while it intrigues me it’s also confusing. You might think if the Joker has been locked up for many years, that might explain the tattoos. But the Joker is too dangerous to be out in the general population and wouldn’t be able to get any prison ink. Anyways, trying to explain it set aside, I like the addition of the tattoos. I’m not sure I’m thrilled by the “damaged” tattoo on the forehead. It’s a little distracting but I can hang.

Physique: Lean muscular build. If he’s in jail, not much to do outside of eat your 3 hot meals and sleep in a cot. Might as well hit the gym or the exercise yard. He’s looking physically fit and ready to brawl. Able to hold his own for sure.

Teeth: dental work definitely done. If you’ve read any of the more modern comic books with a Batman vs Joker fight, the clown prince is usually shy a few teeth by the end. So, it’s definitely showing we are dealing with a Joker that’s been around the block. I’m great with this, the teeth look kind of nasty and unkept.

One purple glove: right hand. Certainly the hand that he would be using a knife in, wouldn’t want to get any blood or bodily fluids on him. Might make for an interesting nervous tick having him be a little bit of a OCD like Howie Mandel.

pinky ring: not sure. Can’t zoom in and focus on the ring enough to make out if it’s got a unique design. Anyways, should end up being interesting when they explain it.

Pale skin / green hair: if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

and for a little fun

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Storm Hawk Toys by Irwin Toys

About the Storm Hawks

In 2007 to 2009, the world was introduced to a set of six inexperienced young sky riders preparing to follow the footsteps of the original “Storm Hawks” in the world of Atmos. Their world is based on floating sections of land that are known as “Terras” wish are each protected by a leading Sky Night and Squadron against the cruelty of Master Cyclonis and the Cyclonians. They are a re-emerging evil trying to pull their entire world under a dark rule under the Cyclonian Empire.  Our heros are faced with many challenges due to their young age and new social experiences, all while learning their new abilities and capabilities through their experiences as team.  Their adventures leads them to a path of grave danger, and an introduction to a wide array of new and interesting characters that will battle them and aid them in the quest to defeat Cyclonis. 

Storm Hawks Team (Radar, Stork, Aerrow, Piper, Finn, and


About the Characters:

Storm Hawks:

Aerrow :  Is the leader and Sky Night of the Storm Hawks group.  Always with a positive attitude in the worst situations and willing to take large risk in order to beat Master Cyclonis. His spirit maintains the group together through good and bad times.  (Race: Human)

Piper:  Second in Command.  She deals with Navigation, Battle Tactics and an self taught Crystal Master. She is the brains of the group. She maintains her girly traits yet she’s tough and down to earth. ( Race: Human)

Junko:  He deals with  Flight Engineering and Heavy Ballistics (Muscle of the Team).  He is very proud of his race and culture.  Sub Conscious about his height and strength, he still manages to really put in some heavy muscles when the team needs it all while keeping a very sweet and caring personality.(Race:Wallop)

Stork: While he’s very paranoid he is an expert at navigating, and maintaining their main carrier ship the Condor.  He is their Carrier Pilot and an expert with Atmos mythology. His one weakness is to have his Love the Condor being dented, altered or destroyed. (Race: Merb)

Finn : He is the Wingman and Sharp Shooter for the team.  Having an incredibly cocky and ignorant personality he can be a charming part of the team. (Race:Human)

Radar : Is the Mission Specialist and Mechanic for the team.  The first time you see him he just look like your standard group pet, but shortly after you learn he is as efficient as the other members of the team except that he doesn’t talk.  The show they never specifies his race, but for what ever reason chickens are always falling in love with him.  Strange!!! (Race

Cyclonian Top Soldiers (Ravus, Dark Ace, and Snipe).


Master Cyclonis:  Grand Leader of Cyclonia and Crystal Master Sorcerers. She might look like your standard emo teen girl, but she has a very ruthless personality that is feared by even the strongest members of the Atmos.

Dark Ace:  Lead warrior for the Cyclonian empire, also known as the Master Cyclonis right hand man.  Has an incredibly over bloated ego like your standard bad guy.  Once thought to be unbeatable, now is facing a constant streak of failure that is making his world turned upside down.

Ravus & Snipe:  Both of the siblings are top warriors of Cyclonis, but each one has their own specialty.  Ravus uses her deadly violin music to accomplish neat but dirty task that Master Cyclonis may have in motion.  Snipe is not very bright but he does compensate in brutal

The Raptors:  Is a team of mercenaries for hire that mainly work for the Cyclonian empire.  They mainly roam in groups of 4 to 5 members, and tend to like missions in warmer weather.

Cyclonians Soldiers (Talens): They are suppose to be elite Cyclonian soldiers but the Storm Hawks tend to kick their butts very easily.

Merck Raiders:  Is their version of notorious pirates but in the sky.  These guys are so bad, even the Cyclonian army fears them.

About the Show and Production:

The show itself has two full season totaling fifty-two episodes.  The first ten to fifteen episodes seem like your standard introduction episodes, but they really start putting things together to an amazing storyline in the later part of the season by linking the stories of the past with the present, and building allies along the way that will help the new Storm Hawks in an epic battle at the end of the series.  For a 3D animated television series, they truly have great camera work that gives a sense that they are in the sky flying.  They are also doing these shots while at times having air battles with a large amount of characters per shot which makes it more fun and exciting to watch than your standard “1 on 1” battle.  Now… a word of caution, this is a show you can’t
simply skip to the end because it will make no sense if you do.  The show
at the end tops with an amazing climax that can easily produce another season
or two.  I hope someday hey decided to revive the series.  It was
truly amazing.  Sadly here in the US, only about thirty out of the
fifty-three episodes aired before they pulled it off the air on Cartoon
Network, but it’s ok that’s what DVD, Streaming Services, and online resources
are for. LOL

A lot of people might not know this, but the Storm Hawks show was very popular and  it won four awards and was nominated five times at the Canadian “Gemini Awards” and the “Leo Awards” (2008-2009) for titles such as Best animated Program or Series, Original Score, Screenwriting, Best Director and Storyboards.  

The show had several companies involved in its production. For Storm Hawks Productions, this was their only project.  Nerd Corp Entertainment Ca. worked on the production of the Storm Hawks show and also on the production of Hot Wheel “Battle Force 5”, Dragon Boosters, The League of Super Evil, Rated A for Awesome, and recently Monster High “Escape from Skull Shores”. Finally, YTV who has an ungodly long list of production expirience and video properties they have distributed world wide (

Books and Comics:

The series also produced one book called Storm Hawks “Best Friends Forever” through scholastic Readers that was mainly aimed at the tween and teen demographic.

As far as I know only one comic book issues was ever
release for the Storm Hawks, and there isn’t a lot known about it.  It was
a Special Edition comic book done by the Canadian publishing company called DMF
Comics Inc.  It feature three stories including the origins of the Dark
Ace which are partially shown in the intro of the show, and Pin Up Art section
drawn by some of the great talents of animation and comics.  I seen a
couple of pages out of the book on-line and I personally wasn’t impressed by
the book or the pin ups. So this is something I probably would not recommend to

About The Toys:

Storm Hawks 4 inch and 6 inch figures with vehicles.

It’s been awhile since a toy company has tried to stay true to the spirit of a show  and I believe Spin Masters really did a great job on this one.  I will warn you the packaging on these are big.
While the sculpts on the characters could use a little work, they still hold the charm of the show that any fan would love to have and to own.  Sadly just like many other toy series, you will not find any of the female characters since they were never produce.  So have fun making your own. 😀

4 “ inch figures

The four inch figures are very fun to handle. They all come with different weapons, and they are very posable. Some of the weapons have secondary functions like items that go over swords, arrows that shoot, and some of them connect together to make a larger weapon.  A word of caution, these are toys that are meant to be lightly played with. These toys are being held together by small thin plastic peg.  So is easy to break off.



Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces:  4 inch figures of Aerrow, 2 small wing swords, 2 small transparent blue sleeves that fit over the sword, and 1 small two inch Radar figure.


Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces:  4 inch figure of Finn, 1 bow, and 1arrow.


Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces:  4 inch figure of Junko with knuckle busters attached to the body, and 2 small clear green orb sleeves that go over his fist.

Stork: (kind of rare)

Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces:  4 inch figure of Stork with a giant steampunk gun.  The gun in made of one gray gun, a small black net, and 3 small missiles that attach to the end of the gun.

Dark Ace: (kind of rare)

Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces:  4 inch Dark Ace, 1 long sword, and 1 long clear red sleeve that sheves over the word.

Snipe: (extremely rare)

Package: Around 7” inch width, 7” height, and around 1 ½’ inches.

Pieces: 4 inch Snipe, comes with 2 red and silver axes.  

Condor Battle Cruiser by Spin Master

Packaging Size: Roughly 18 inches by 12 inches and a 4.5 inches width.

Pieces: Main ship, and three launching light weight type skimmer planes of Aarrow with Radar, Junko and Finn. Instructor manual.

Color: Orange, Brown, and Blue.  

Accompany Figures: All 4 inch figures.

Toy Features: Regular playing options that allow you to place 4 inch figures in secret compartments and created fighting adventures on top of the Condors Deck.  Second feature of the condor is that it allows you to launch lightweight skimmer planes from the deck with quick reload options. The Condor comes with a back handle that allows the user to enjoy this feature.

Storm Hawk Sky Riders by Spin Master

Aerrow’s Skimmer III Ultra

Packaging Size: Roughly one 11 inches by 11.5 inches with a width of almost 3 inches.

Pieces: 1 motorcycle, 6 wings, and a miniature figure of radar that sits on the side card of the bike.

Color: Light blue, mid blue, red, and silver.

Accompany Figure: 4 Inch Aerrow Figure.

Toy Features:  The skimmer gives the user a great chance to play with is as both a motorcycle and as a plane. Wings pop off with a snap of a button.  
Dark Ace’s Talon Switchblade Elite

Packaging Size: Roughly one 11 inches by 11.5 inches with a width of almost 3 inches.

Pieces: 1 motorcycle, and 6 wings.

Color: Maroon Color with dimed golden details.

Accompany Figure: 4 Inch Dark Ace Figure.

Toy Features:  The skimmer gives the user a great chance to play with is as both a motorcycle and as a plane. Wings pop off with a snap of a button.  

6” Deluxe Figures


Packaging Size: 7.5 inches by 12 inches and around 3 inches width.

Pieces: Only Arrow. Swords are attached to his hands.

Color: Browns, blue, silver and blue.

Toy Features: Fairly posable figures with Twist and Whirl Sword Action.  Action figure has a button on its back that lights up both the swords at the base when it’s pushed.  The package also comes with a DVD (content unknown). Batteries are included in the figure.

Dark Ace

Packaging Size: 7.5 inches by 12 inches and around 3 inches width.

Pieces:  Only Dark Ace. Swords are attached to his hands.

Color: Brownish grey, black, and red.

Toy Features: Fairly posable figures with Swirling Battle Action from the sword.  Action figure has a button on its back that lights up on the base of the red sword. The package also comes with a DVD (content unknown). Batteries are included in the figure.


Packaging Size: 7.5 inches by 12 inches and around 3 inches width.

Pieces: Junko figures, with a small ball in the shape of a bird.  Variant 1 – has a neon green ball. Variant 2 has a the ball painted like a white and blue bird.

Color: Browns, blue, silver, blue with neon green glove.

Toy Features: Fairly posable figure with Knuckle-Busters Punch and Blast.  If you are facing the figure, its right arm is a light transparent neon green color that glows if you press on his hand.    Left hand allows you to launch the small bird ball from his hand.  The package also comes with a DVD (content unknown).


Packaging Size: 7.5 inches by 12 inches and around 3 inches width.

Pieces: Finn figures comes with his crossbow, and one light blue arrow.

Color: Browns, blue, and silver.

Toy Features: Fairly posable figure with Trigger Action.  That’s pretty much it. LOL The package also comes with a DVD (content unknown).

More pictures of the toys on our Flicker Account. Chekc them out 😀

Custom Piper 6 inch toy pics

Article By: Ana Bruja-Khayos

Batman Unlimited: The Dark Knight Returns Batman by Mattel


Batman Unlimited has been an interesting line from the seemingly flailing Mattel DC Universe series. Admittedly the DC Universe 6 inch figures were doing very well from what I could tell. Figures were flying off the shelves and seemed like they were out with a new series every few months. The beginning of the end was the Matty Collector DC Club Infinite Earths subscription. Same price per figure in the store plus shipping and no build-a-figure piece. Granted the line did produce a Metron with his chair and Monsieur Mallah with the Brain but we also got a weak Golden Age Flash and pathetic Poison Ivy. Anyways, with DC Universe being a thing of the past and Club Infinite Earths on the verge of being shut down, Mattel produced the Batman Unlimited series to keep fans involved till the ’66 Batman classics line hits shelves later this summer.


Through the Batman Unlimited line we’ve gotten some stellar figures. A pretty good line up of Injustice: God’s Among Us video game based figures, “Kenner Super Powers” influenced Penguin, Planet X Batman and Earth 43 Batman (Crimson Mist Vampire). But the stand out figure from the line is by far the Dark Knight Returns Batman. I’ll be the first to admit I love the sculpting on most of the DC Direct figures but sometimes the play value suffers from the lack of articulation. The newer Batman: Arkham City figures from DC Direct and some of the larger “Deluxe” figures are sporting more impressive articulation though so don’t count them out yet. The Dark Knight Returns Batman though was a figure people were speculating on for a while now, especially with the fact DC and Masters of the Universe are shared brands of Mattel. The over-muscular body of the He-Man figures lends itself very well to the aging Bruce Wayne from my favorite Frank Miller Batman book.


The Mattel Dark Knight Rises Batman sports your average Masters of the Universe Classics articulation (swivel/pivot at the neck, shoulders and hips. swivel at the waist, wrists and top of the bicep and pivot at the ankles, knees and elbows.) The sculpt is from none other than Mattel’s go to guys for epic toys, the Four Horsemen. It’s apparent all over the figure from the detail on the utility belt, folds in the costume’s gloves, the top scallop of the boots and Batman’s grim and grissled expression. The figure comes packaged with a lonely batarang but for a series that’s usually devoid of accessories it’s an OK throw in.


There’s only a few complaints in my mind. The cape is made of a softer plastic / vinyl but it has such a stiff look to it. The cape does not retain any poses, it looks like Alfred over starched when doing the laundry. The batarang is just this thin sliver of bat-shaped plastic that is just kind of lost in Batman’s giant hands. Not sure what could have been done to make it better but it just feels like the figure could have done without the batarang altogether. My last complaint is with the bat symbol on his chest. I know it costs more to put additional sculpting on a figure but I was hoping for the bat symbol to be raised or have some kind of relief to it. My complaints are small and damn near unnoticeable, all in all I give the figure a solid 4 1/2 stars. Don’t hesitate grabbing this figure, it’s available for decent prices on Amazon and Big Bad Toy Store (roughly $18 and that’s not bad considering it’s $15 at

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Police Academy Hand Cuffs by Kenner

(super high resolution pictures of this and more here)

I think here at Raging Nerdgasm we revel in older toys. There’s a certain undeniable charm to them, they come from a day and time in the past where today’s political correctness didn’t exist and they represent the period in world history. Megatron represented a simpler time where kid’s playing with toy guns wasn’t demonized the way it is today, 2 foot tall jumbo Shogun Warriors shot missiles and fists hard and quick enough to put an eye out or otherwise seriously injure your siblings and LJN wrestlers were made out of enough petroleum that three to five of them could have filled your gas tank if they’d remained in their crude form. I’m drawn to these toys, not only as a child of the 80s and 90s but as a toy and pop culture historian. Today, while digging through all the treasures in my storage I found something I couldn’t pass up talking about.

In 1988, banking on the success at the box office, Warner Brothers had Ruby-Spears productions create a Police Academy cartoon show. The show only lasted a year but they squeezed two seasons out of the thin premise (remember, they were still making Police Academy movies through the 90s) and even a short run comic book series (via Marvel/Star Imprint Comics). The show even had a theme song by then popular “The Fat Boys” and featured them in two episodes if I remember clearly. The real jewel of this cartoon was the toys. Let’s face it, the 90s brought us toys based off of R rated properties like Alien, Predator, Robocop and Terminator but Kenner used the cartoon as an excellent segue to introduce kids to the characters made famous by their cinematic counterparts. The series was great, covering every member of Commandant Lasard’s team and a good selection of their nefarious no-good-nics they locked up in each episode. The line also had it’s share of tie-in accessories so kids could play out the cartoon action in their own living room. Wallet with badge, tear gas cans, policeman’s hat with radio but the stand out piece for me was the handcuffs.

(more pictures here)

Growing up I never got the role play pieces of my favorite lines. Just like my explanation from past blogs when I discussed carrying cases, my money was spent acquiring figures and vehicles and playsets. That and also I was big for my age and holding a Sword of Omens looked dumb and carrying around a Proton Pack looked even more silly. It’s almost even funnier being a grown man tracking down these pieces I never owned but I can’t say I specifically hunted them down, I just pick up what comes my way. I found these Police Academy handcuffs in a dollar bin at a flea market months ago. These are great, giant comically over-sized hands that “lock” into place around whomever’s wrists you choose. I can see these being a personal favorite if I had them as a child, I think the ridiculous factor is key in making these just that much cooler than a sword or even another piece of role play from the Police Academy line. Mine, most unfortunately, came without the keys but luckily they aren’t a piece necessary to be able to enjoy the handcuffs.

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Hordak-Gate: Matty Collector’s biggest scandal so far

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Earlier this week, released a figure to the general public that no one in their inner circle even hinted at. The Spirit of Hordak figure has to be, by far, Mattel’s greatest faux pas since the line started just a few years ago. This figure was never formally announced by, Toyguru Scott Neitlich (who I think is an incompetent tool who has the charisma of a urinal cake) or any of what Mattel consider’s their inner circle of compensated reviewers (you know who the guilty parties are) . In their defense, Mattel says they hinted the vintage white Horde crossbow on their site for days. But never alluding to the fans, and even worse the subscription holders, that indeed a figure was to be released officially for sale on their website nearly a full 10 days before their next “release date”. I know people have been asking where Raging Nerdgasm stands in the midst of Hordak-Gate, I plan to tell you where we stand within the next paragraph.

(Cherry flavored Hordak)

Firstly, I told you all so. I told you that Mattel was going to screw the fans just as good or even more than years prior. Why? Because the fans hadn’t made a stand against the powers that be. I know that it’s hard when Mattel holds the fate of your collection in their decisive hands but sometimes you have to be strong and make an example. After the plights suffered during 2011’s subscription year, I decided that Raging Nerdgasm wasn’t renewing their contract for 2012 or any lines to come after that. Between backwards or wrong legs on Swiftwind, mailing single figures in envelopes that were padded with what amounted to the consistency of soggy Cherrios, overlooked paint applications and numerous other faults to many to mention in a quick blog; I had made my intentions well known that $20+ figures should be coming out this bad. Marvel Select and Diamond Select figures cost the same and come out flawless, best of all you don’t need a useless subscription to get them all. Don’t even let me bring up the disappointment that is “cottage” Greyskull. It’s small and those who pre-ordered feel cheated as hell. And don’t let this article be misunderstood, the work of the sculpting team behind the line is superb and not buying the line does hurt me because I’ve always admired the work of the 4 Horsemen studios. I just have to get my fix of their work through their direct sales from their personal website. I just refuse to support a Mattel line when they treat their fans so poorly.

(To some, it’s just a shitty repaint. To completists, this is the bane of their existence.)

Some have claimed that Mattel’s actions with the Spirit of Hordak constitute a breach of contract with the subscription. Normally, I’d be behind you rebel rousers but, it does state in your agreement that Mattel reserves the right to change anything they wish whenever they choose (maybe not in those specific words but trust me, I’ve got 3 semesters of business law under my belt.). Not the exalted Toyguru himself nor any of Mattel’s other toadies have stepped forward during this moment of fans screaming out for blood. If you noticed already, other sites out there haven’t issued a statement siding with Mattel or the fans. But, Raging Nerdgasm is willing to take a side. We stand on the side of the fans shafted in this heinous moment of fuckery. But what can you do? You can’t cancel your subscription, right?

(Exhibit A: The scene of the crime)

You can cancel your credit/debit cards filed with, you just need to go through the respective banks. You won’t get the rest of the year’s offerings but if you’re mad enough to quit, it’s a good way to bow out. If you are addicted, and I know that feeling, but still feel butthurt you can post on the forums about how angry you are and how you won’t let this insult go unanswered. Let your anger be known across the internet; maybe they’ll re-release the toy, maybe they’ll make amends with the fans by the year’s end or maybe when it comes time to throw down on 2014’s subscription you can opt out and claim a lack in confidence in both Mattel and their paid spokespersons.

an added bonus, from Vikor on the MattyCollector,com forum before it was deleted it seems

===UPDATE on Spirit Of Hordak Random Release===

TG address the Spirit of Horak issue……………………….

Vikor wrote on the Matty Forum:


This is what subscribers were promised:


Early Access to Non-Subscription Products: In 2013, all Club subscribers get early access to all non-subscription products, regardless of brand! That means you’ll have the chance to purchase hot items not available through subscriptions before non-subscribers, like 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises 8” Batman™ figure and the Ghostbusters™ PKE Meter prop replica. Availability is first-come, first-served, so if products sell out to subscribers during the early access period, that’s it – no additional product will be made available to non-subscribers at that time. 

Your Spirit of Hordak stunt has clearly violated the terms of the contract that was entered into when we purchased subscriptions. There was no clause saying Mattel reserved the right to sell “surprise” items to anyone prior to and outside of Early Access.

I think you should get in touch with your legal department, because you’ve just shot yourself in the foot. People are extremely angry about this and while scalpers are exploiting multiple fans on eBay, you remain silent. How utterly irresponsible. I am inclined to cancel my subscription at this point citing breach of contract, and I know I’m not alone. I suggest you make Spirit of Hordak available IMMEDIATELY to all subscription holders via Early Access as was promised. In the meantime I will be lodging a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
This message has been edited. Last edited by: Vikor, May 09, 2013 09:50 AM

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Your weekly Nerdgasm 03/25/13

(A logo you can trust. You have no idea how hard it is to get Optimus Prime and Skeletor in the same room.)
Your weekly Nerdgasm!
Capcom gave me reason to love modern games again
                                              (oh yeah, this is the good stuff right here.)
I got two words for you; Ducktales, woohoo! Seriously, Capcom this week broke the news that they were making a revamp of their ever so popular NES Ducktales video game. Not only did they have the news, but the trailer was ready, showcasing the game play and graphics. Backgrounds are 3D rendered with all game sprites maintaining a very cool “hand drawn” effect. Capcom says the game will be very similar to it’s predecessor, with a main room complete with stage select options and new playable levels such as the McDuck Money Bin.
                                    (I’d play this level for hours just because I loved the music)
The trailer showed the Money Bin level as well as the Amazon and Transylvania, but didn’t show fan favorite levels the Himalayas or the ever popular outer space level. The outer space level was everyone’s favorite level and the music from that level is in just about everyone’s top 5 NES game soundtracks, outside of Metroid, Legend of Zelda or SMB. What’s the deal Capcom, don’t play with our hearts like this. Anyways, the fanboys and fangirls squealed with anticipation after watching the trailer, even getting to learn many developers and coders for current games hold Ducktales in highest regards (the original game ran on the MegaMan engine for crying out loud and your cane was both pogo stick and golf club!). The game will be available on PSN, XBOXLIVE and WII-U networks for download, costing $15. Which is a real deal considering any of us who owned an original one most likely paid $50 or so back in the 90’s. But please Capcom, don’t forget your loving fans on STEAM (such as myself).

I guess Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles is still a go

(credit to for the picture)

Much to everyone’s dismay, TANT (which is dangerously close to TAINT) is still in pre-production with Michael Bay gunning to ruin everything from your childhood with confirmed Megan Fox as April O’Neil .I wonder if him and the Dwayne Johnson have a running bet to see how many awesome properties they can trash? I wonder if April will be a stripper instead of a news woman? I wonder if the fanbase will allow this movie to happen?

(the face of evil!)

Anyways, the first actor to join the cast as one of the four turtles/aliens/brothers is Alan Ritchson (Aquaman on Smallville), allegedly taking the role of Raphael. That….that’s actually OK with me. But when you say actor they mean voice actor, right? WRONG! The turtles/aliens/brothers not be animatronic suits but motion capture ala’ Avatar styling. This…..this I’m cool with too because the actors will have to emote and actually act instead to trying to match up voice tone and infliction to puppeteers in suits. So TANT brings me through emotional ups and downs and not even one second of film has been shot. I’m holding out till I see who the villains are going to be since they are keeping really hush about it.

(was this ever confirmed legit or not?)

Boldly going……to mess my pants

Between trailers for Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and pictures from Pacific Rim, I can’t contain the awesome. Seriously, it’s going to be a great summer season at the movies. Not to cheap out on you in the third article, I just feel all three of these developing stories deserve their own blog entry this week so I’ll leave you with the following.

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