Living With A Toy Collector #8 Why Matty Collector Is Bad For Collectors Pocket Books

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Hey Guys is Ana Bruja Khayos from Living with a Toy Collector. This time around I wanted to talk about the very popular Matty Collectors Toy Group. When Tom and I used to be dating he was part of the collectors group.


Classic Star Trek collector’s edition bridge

Classic Star Trek collector's edition bridge

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Mega Bloks Halo 10th Anniversary Collector’s Series 10 years Aniversary Edition UNSC Spartan II

Mega Bloks Halo 10th Anniversary Collector's Series 10 years Aniversary Edition UNSC Spartan II

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Raging Nerdgasm #14 7-11 Marvel and DC Universe collector’s cups from the 70’s


Classic Star Trek collector’s edition bridge

Classic Star Trek collector's edition bridge

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Top things collector hate to hear from “ANY” Vendors “ANYWHERE”

*** This blog is posted by my wife Ana Bruja-Khayos who writes the blog “Living With a Toy Collector”. Is basically collecting from the eyes of a collectors wife. Check out her full blog at

Previously I wrote a blog called the “Flea Markets Survival Kit” ( .  This time I’ll be talking about things collectors hate to hear from vendors.  Now this does not reflect everybody’s option, this an opinion I have developed from accompanying my husband in many flea market hunts.  If you have a similar options that is awesome, and if you don’t agree that is awesome as well. Here we go…


#1 – It goes for for $____ on E-Bay.

Newsflash, first of all “we are not on E-Bay…we are at the FLEA MARKET”, and just because someone posted it for $100 doesn’t mean anybody is buying it for $100.  Always check completed listing on eBay and you will see what I mean.  If you can afford it, purchase a smartphone, tablet  or computer to do your research.


Keep in mind the most modern consumer do their research before purchasing something, especially the younger collectors.  As a customer, this has helped us many of times with on the spot decisions on purchases.  While at times the vendor may have an honest point,  is not a good idea for the vendor  to be upset if the person doesn’t want to pay that much for an item.  Just simply tell us (the consumer) that  you can’t go lower than the price being asked and we can take it or leave it.  Most people (like us) will understand if a vendor just can’t/won’t go lower, vendors have to eat too.  What’s really bad is when the vendor turns into a total asshole by being offended by the offer and act aggressive towards the customers.  This is JUST BAD period.  Remember, the worst we can do as a consumer is walk away without the vendor making a sale from us. No big deal there will be another.  Not to mention we will never come back if you are aggressive towards us.  That’s just human nature.

#2 – Is that much because is a “Collectible”

While we all know that Yes there are things that are collectibles, there are others items that are only collectibles to very very few individuals.  For Example charging $5 for a happy meal kids toy is just way too much regardless of what it is.  Remember while that guy may be charging $5, you can go to another vendor, dig through his/her bin and literally buy the same toy for $0.25.  Remember “there is always more than one in the world.”-Tom Khayos.

There are two sides of the story. As a consumer you can offer an price and see what comes back.  However you have to be respectful of that vendors wishes. You can’t be aggressive towards the vendor just because they did not accepted your offer. Is just not good for you and your future toy hunts at that flea market and other local flea markets. People talk, and most vendors locally know each other.  If is too pricy just walk away, you never know maybe next time you visit the flea market it will be closer to your price range because the vendor simply just want to get rid of it and make their money back. So be cool, don’t be a tool.

#3 –  I know it needs some work, but is vintage and old so is worth a lot.
There are several things wrong with this statement at times. 

a) If I’m going to shell out a lot of money for anything It better be in at least in good to great condition, not falling a part, missing pieces, and needs a lot of repairs condition.

b) The word vintage is always being used so loosely these days, it’s kind of ridiculous.   I personally don’t considered something vintage until it starts reaching the age of close to 30 years of age and over. Stuff that came out ONLY 10 YEARS AGO IS NOT VINTAGE.  Out of print maybe, but not vintage.

c) Just because is old, doesn’t mean that is worth something.  There’s a lot of old stuff in the world and unless its a sought out by a lot of people, its just not worth it.  Remember “it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it”- Tom Khayos.  The reason why some older items are worth a lot is because they are most likely in great condition, close to original condition or there are very few of them in the world.  Many vendors are blinded by dollar signs on their eyes and don’t do proper research on the object. This illusion is followed by them being upset or ranting about how the item is not selling.

#4 – I’m not sure what it is, do you know how much is worth?
Once again there are many things wrong with this situation.

a)  If you are a vendor, please take the time to know your product. There’s this technology called the internet and phones that will help you with this issue.  While at times this might not be a possibility, expecting to get an honest answer out of a person is truly like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun.  Sometime this might be a great situation to the buyer, however this can cost the vendor quite a bit for not knowing their product.

b) If you are vendor, don’t be pissed when the customer is only going to offer you a few bucks for it.  If you don’t know what it is and the buyer truly don’t know what it is, don’t expect to get  a small fortune out of the item. I’m just saying…

#5 – Is part of my personal collection, but I can let it go for $$$$ (unrealistic) dollars.

If you are a vendor and  you don’t want to sell an item from your personal collection, don’t bring it to the market and slap it with an outrageous price tag.  Just leave it at home, that simply makes you look like a jackass.  Remember, collectors have an idea what things are worth most of the time. So placing an outrageous price on a item YOU DON’T WANT TO SELL might turn potential customers off from coming back in the figure as a client.

#6 – Bitching.

Nobody wants to to hear it. Especially if they don’t know the vendor personally. While is ok to vent a little (we are all human),  don’t vent to us (current customers) about other customer you had.  That leaves a pretty bad impression especially if you just met us. Once we’ve become regulars and you are comfortable with us maybe we’ll let you go ahead and bitch all day.  LOL

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading. 😀