GI Joe Retaliation : Blind Master figure review

Off the bat I’m going to admit I have not seen this movie all the way through. I can’t get through it, I walked out of the movie in the theater out of boredom. Out of what I have seen in the movie that I like is the Cobra flag going up over the White House and the RZA as the Blind Master. I would have never bet on them making a figure of the Blind Master, not unless it was a convention exclusive. The figure might as well have been an exclusive because it’s not that easy to find. Apparently this figure has been out since October and I just stumbled onto it just this last week. After seeing him loose in someone’s collection made me want this figure even more, I nearly bought it off eBay just to avoid searching for it.

I lucked into the figure at Toys R Us on an impromptu trip this week out of total boredom. The likeness is fairly good for the line, looks like RZA from his role in the GI Joe movie. I’ve always been hard on Hasbro’s head sculpts on 3 3/4 inch figures but some of their figures from 30 years ago have better likenesses than the current figures on the shelf. I hate to use a number scale but this is a solid 8 out of 10 on the likeness. The figure reuses a lot of GI Joe figure pieces, which is most obvious on the Blind Master’s hip where you find a gun holster. You may think it’s a small thing but once I noticed it I couldn’t do anything but just stare at it. Glaring mistakes are hard for me to overlook sometimes, I get all hung up. The accessories are abundant; bamboo cane that splits into a sword, the nine ring sword, a flute, a mask, a hat that doubles as a shield (and has positional blades) and a ring / Frisbee that looks like something from Master of the Flying Guillotine.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the figure. I think I’m more satisfied in the novelty of it being a figure of the RZA than it being a good GI Joe figure. This line kind of suffered that, at least in my opinion. The Joe Colton figure was an awesome 3 3/4 inch Bruce Willis figure but it was a mediocre GI Joe figure. If you like the Wu Tang Clan this is a treat to pick up and add to your collection. I’ve had 3 friends come over and see this and buy one online just on impulse.

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